Terms of Service of TallWomenFans (01.09.2012)

1. Content

The following rules define the rules for behavior and utilization of this community for users and members.

2. Costs

The membership is a hundred percent free of charge. There does not exist any fee.

3. Member data

(1) We garantee, that inserted data will not be transferred to a third party. The data is only used in this portal.

(2) In general all data except e-mail adress, password, forename and surname are accessible. Take care that you do not publish information in your profile, which should not be viewable by others.

4. Membership

The membership can be terminated by both sides without respect to terms or causes.

5. Duties of the members

(1) Every member is responsible for all content that is published by him or by his account.

(2) The members guaranties that for all texts and pictures he inserts or uploads no copyrights are violated.

(3) Every member is obliged to handle e-mails and other messages confidential.

(4) They oblige oneself not to publish defamatory, wrong, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually, menacing, pestering or racist statements.

(5) Texts or pictures (e.g. sexual explicit content) with sexual content, will be deleted instantly and the membership will be terminated.

(6) Profiles which are used for deception (so called fakes) or denunciation of other members will be deleted (including the original profile of the creator).

(7) Messages inside the platform are not allowed to be used for advertisements or with the goal to sell a product or a service. The non-observance of this behaviour rule can lead to an instant cancellation of the membership.

6. Cancellation

The membership can be cancelled instantly by both sides, there exists no cancellation term.

7. Guarantee, technical availability

(1) There exists no claim on data security and availability of the servers.

(2) The server can be shut down without warning for maintenance purposes.


I. Liability

The author does not guarantee the availability and lack of malfunctions of the online offer. He also does not guarantee for the up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of the offered information. The author is not liable for indirect, special collateral or consequential damage, which is caused by the use of this website or for delays or impossibilities in the use of the information or services, which are offered in this website, independent of the legal ground off such a liability.

II. References and links

With the judgement of the 12.05.1998 -312 O 85/98  Liability for Links the regional court (LG) Hamburg has judged, that by adding a link to a website the owner of the link can be liable for the content of the linked side under certain circumstances. This can only be avoided  as said by the LG  if the author formally distances oneself from this content. The author distances oneself hereby from all content of linked sites and explains formally, that at the time of the link creation no illegal content was noticeable on the linked websites. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and in particular for losses, which are caused by the use or not use of such presented information only the provider of the linked side is liable.

III. Copyrights

All texts, pictures, information created by this portal are liable to the copyright and other laws for the protection of intellectual property. The copyright for published, by the author (user) himself created objects stays only with the author. The duplication or the displacement of text, picture or other objects in other electronical or printed publications needs the explicit approval of the author.

IV. Data protection

As far as the possibility exists to insert private or business data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) in this internet offer, the disclosure of this data by the user is explicitly on a voluntary base. The author can not exclude, that the personal information that is inserted by the user is not intercepted and decrypted by a third party. The use of the contact data by third party, which is published in the impressum or other similar information (postal address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address) is not allowed. The author reserves his right to initiate legal steps against senders of spam e-mails.

V. Severability clause

Should single regulations of these terms completely or partially no be legally effective or not be practicable, this would not cause the validity of the other regulations. The same applies if the declaration contains a gap. Instead of the invalid or unfeasible regulation or for the filling of the gap, a reasonable rule should be applied which, as far as legally possible, comes as far as possible to the economic intent of the original rule or which suites the intention of the author and the users, if this point had been considered.